Rained out games will not be rescheduled.  

Registration has ended. You will now be placed on a waitlist.  Teams will be filled as slots are available.  We still need some coaches.  The best way to get a late registrant a team is to volunteer to coach.  REGISTRATION DEADLINE WAS THURSDAY, MARCH 31st.   

Click here   or go directly to https://www.mylsports.com/geyl

Please indicate all requests in the comment box on the player registration page.  You might have to scroll down on this page to get to the box. Requests will NOT appear on your email receipt.  The "Coach Preference" indicated on your email receipt is the preference of the team you want to coach.

Shop with Scrip individual Enrollment Code:  C4CD2L6239279 https://www.shopwithscrip.com/ 








GEYL acknowledges that there are several options for organized summer league baseball and softball.  Read More ...

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